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So, you want to open a Lost Pizza Co. in your neck of the woods??? 

Well, if you love great food and being active in your community, being a Lost Pizza Co. Franchise Partner might be for you.  Being your own boss and becoming a franchise owner with Lost Pizza Co. provides you with the opportunity to own a life-changing, delicious business.

Lost Pizza Co. Est.   2007

Lost Pizza Co. started as a dream of its founders, Brooks Roberts & Preston Lott, way back when they were roommates in college. Their dream was to create a cool, funky atmosphere where friends can enjoy the coldest beer around and the best pizza in the Mississippi Delta. All through college, they continued dreaming about their one-of-a-kind eatery.

Jump to 2007. Lost “Dog” Pizza Co. opens in Indianola, MS followed soon by a second location in nearby Cleveland.  In 2011, John Mark and Emily Elliot joined the LPC family and opened the first Lost Pizza Co. franchise location in Tupelo, MS. Since then, we have partnered with other franchisees that are just as passionate about Lost Pizza Co. as we are. With their help, we’ve continued to open LPC locations across Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, and Florida!  Look for us in your neighborhood soon!

“At Lost Pizza Co. we want your dining experience to be as fun as getting to go see the bearded lady, riding a camel, while swallowing a sword at the state fair when you were 10 years old. At LPC we pride ourselves on serving GREAT food that we make using only the finest and freshest ingredients! We make almost everything fresh, in-house, every day. So, come early because when we sell out of something, we are OUT (until tomorrow!) GET LOST”


Do you have what it takes?

Here are a few things we look for in potential Franchise Partners:

  • A background in the restaurant industry (restaurant operator with multi-unit experience preferred) or a lead operator that has restaurant experience and will have equity in the business.
  • Local community experience in your desired market area.
  • Willingness to handle hard work & long hours! Not everyone is cut out for restaurant life. (We are looking for operators, not investors!)
  • Experience in managing a team of employees.
  • High energy and passion for the Lost Pizza Co. brand to market the product successfully. It is a huge plus to have a local connection with the community you reside in.
  • Willingness to exceeding expectations, and providing the best fresh-casual experience to their guests while upholding the highest quality standards
  • Ability to obtain financing



Our Restaurants:

When you decide to bring Lost Pizza Co. to your city, we’ll be there to help you bring it home. We will work with you to give your spot the LPC flavor while adhering to the local charm and architecture of your chosen location. Or we can help you find a great spot if you haven’t already picked out the perfect location. We typically look for vibrant retail areas and shopping centers with strong everyday traffic, anchored by grocers, big box and other retailers attracting middle to high-income consumers.

  • High daytime population is beneficial, through high concentrations of office, hospitals, universities and similar lunch traffic generators. High daytime population also provides catering opportunities.
  • Requires a strong residential base with easy access to predominant retail and restaurant concentration.
  • We target a 3-mile population of 50,000 or more (or 10-minute drive time).
  • Ideal size is 3000 to 4000 square feet.
  • In-line Space End-cap strongly preferred. Will consider freestanding out parcel buildings, a portion of a multi-tenant out parcel building, and in-line space
  • A patio or covered outdoor seating is desirable (minimum of 250 square feet), along with accommodations for an exterior 10’x12’ walk-in cooler on an 11’x13’ pad in rear of premises
  • 14 feet interior minimum structure height
  • Unobstructed visibility, from main traffic arteries and corridors
  • 40 parking spaces required for guests and employees
  • Preferred minimum traffic amount of 30,000 vehicles per day
  • Signage on the maximum number of building sides, along with representation on existing (or future) multi-tenant monument and/or pylon signs


The Numbers:

Franchise fee: $25,000 (due upon signing the Franchise Agreement)

Royalty Fee: 5%

Franchise Requirements

  • We do have minimum liquid asset requirements
  • Initial investment: $600,000-$1,200,000 (equipment and buildout)
  • Marketing Fees up to 1% of sales may be required
  • The term of the Franchise Agreement: 10 years with renewal options (if you meet renewal requirements)





What Do We Provide Our Franchisees:

  • Brand recognition, Lost Pizza Co. has a very loyal following
  • Assistance in selecting a site
  • Bulk purchasing power
  • Guidance on architecture, design, buildout, and equipment purchase
  • Ongoing support
  • Training- Real-time training for up to 3 owners/managers, Onsite training for 1-2 weeks prior to opening for the entire staff, Ongoing training, and support when needed


What to do Now:

  1. Go to the closest Lost Pizza Co. and have a pizza and some wings
  2. Look over this info along with the LPC website.
  3. Email us at LPCinfo@LostPizza.com
  4. We will contact you and send you an application. We may also request some additional info about you.
  5. Meet with us to discuss if you are right for LPC and if LPC is right for you.
  6. Go to Lost Pizza Co. for another pizza and wings and ask yourself if this is really what you want to do. If so…
  7. Become part of the Lost Pizza Co. Family!